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James Wardell, Animal Exposure

Founder: James Wardell, early career as an advertising executive for Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy and Publicis. He has spent the last 12 years in photo & video production. His experiences are varied ranging from conflict and natural disasters in Afghanistan, Haiti and Libya to working with A list celebrities, shooting Hollywood movie premieres and global corporate events. Over the last five years, James turned his attentions to his true passion of wildlife conservation and natural history. Recent trips to document the work of orangutan rescue & rehabilitation organisations in Indonesian & Malaysian Borneo resulted in the creation of Animal Exposure.

Andrew Pothecary, ForestNation, Forest Nation

ForestNation was founded by Andrew Pothecary, it is one of the worlds largest tree planting businesses. They run corporate campaigns that encourage staff, suppliers and clients to fund tree planting projects. ForestNation supports the work of Animal Exposure.

Niusia and her world class design & illustration studio, Spirit Lab were contacted after James saw her work whilst working on the multimillion euro EU funded project Grow Observatory. Her delightful graphic design was able to convey rather complex issues in an engaging and intelligent manner.

Æ growth depends upon great people, doing great work, working with great clients.


If you are a brand ambassador, manager, director, owner, director of Corporate Social Responsibiliy – we want to hear from you. Engage professional multimedia storytellers to help raise awareness of the work done by your associated wildlife agency.

Team & Partners

Are you a world class photographer, videographer, editor? Does your work align with our values – of Giving Back To Nature? If you feel that you would like to help grow our business and feel a connection with us – please don’t hesitate to write, call.

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